Backlog Critic

So, you’ve made it onto Backlog Critic? Hey!

We all have a backlog, no matter how long you’ve been gaming, you will have acquired a collection games that you have never finished or maybe even never played. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, everyone does it. Heck, I have 3000 games in my Steam catalogue…okay maybe that is a little something to be ashamed about.

Backlog Critic aims to not only give you reviews about the latest and greatest games coming out, but also about those games you have probably got in your libraries too but just haven’t got around to playing, or maybe you heard bad things about a game when it first launched but want to see how it’s doing post launch. We have you covered.

Not only will we be reviewing games we play, but we’ll also have a blog that will collect all of our rambling thoughts as we play too. We aren’t going to promise it will be updated daily, but we’ll do our best!

As we are sticklers for being completionists, we will scour the web for really awesome guides, walkthroughs, or hints that we used in our play-throughs and give you links to them. There is nothing better than seeing absolutely everything a game has to offer of course.

Written by: Tom


We all have one, and we are all ashamed of it. Backlog Critic will tell let you know which of games from your pile of shame are worth playing.

All of our reviews can be found on OpenCritic.





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