Is having a huge choice in gaming really a good thing?

In most cases, having a wide selection of options is a really good thing. Got a choice of three really good burger restaurants in town? AWESOME! That creates a healthy competition for the three businesses and eventually you’ll probably try them all out at some point won’t you?

But does the same problem have the same effect on gaming?

I have been purchasing games on Steam for well over six years now. My count is up around the 3000 game mark. This isn’t me bragging about that fact,far from it actually. I actually hate that there are so many games out there that I have the option of playing.


More often than not, I will spend hours upon hours deciding what game I want to play next, purely because I have so many games that I have too much choice. Even though I have not actively purchased a game for myself since summer last year (2016), I still face the same problem week after week. I just don’t know what to play.

I like lists. Actually, I adore lists. I use them in my professional life, I love using them in my home life too. Got a ton of chores that need doing? Whack em in a list. It makes things feel so much more organized. I probably have some form of OCD. So I started making a list of games that I really wanted to play. Afterall I am never going to play all 3000 of my games, so I should at least try and help myself out a bit and cut out all the bundle crap…

I have this selection games that I own, and paid for with my hard earned money that I just don’t have the willpower to pick one, play it and enjoy it. I actually long for the days of being younger again where I would play the hell out of a single game for hundreds of hours. Me and my friends would literally sit on Grand Theft Auto Vice City for weeks, and weeks and weeks just mucking around in the free roam city having an absolute blast of a time. We’d never get bored, in fact now I think about it, that is probably one of the funniest memories I have from my childhood. Ironic that blowing the legs off a ton of prostitutes can be a childhood memory, but hey!

Recently I finished The Witcher 3, after putting almost 250 hours into that game, I feel as if that is one of the only games in the past couple of years that I have truly got stuck into.

Sometimes I think to myself, maybe a clean slate would do me good, Just ignore all these games that everyone class as “must plays” and start from today. Pick up that one indie title on Steam that has been getting a ton of attention and positive reviews. Play the absolute balls off it and not play another game until I’ve drained that poor little thing for everything it’s worth. But then the OCD kicks in and then I see that list of “wasted” money that I have listed for ever more in my accounts.

This is definitely coming across as “first world problems”, but as someone who has had gaming be a huge part of their life for so long, I fear this abundance of choice and options is starting to have the opposite of it’s intended effect on me.

It’s almost as if I need someone to sit me down and tell me, play this game. NOW. For instance when I get asked to review a game by a publisher, developer or friend I have absolutely no problems booting that game up and playing it till completion. Maybe I need to get another hobby that I can spend time on and not be so hung up on playing all these games. Maybe I’m not the only one who has this problem? Let me know in the comments if you have had any of these thoughts too!

Written by: Tom Olson

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