Play as Noctis Now In Final Fantassy NT open Beta

Square Enix Ltd., today invites all players to take up arms and enjoy the final character rotation in the Open Beta for DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® NT, as the Crown Prince Noctis (FINAL FANTASY XV) joins the playable roster for the first time.

Noctis can use his unique Warp ability to move around the battlefield and ambush his foes with fast and deadly attacks. When his health is low his Armiger will activate, summoning his Royal Arms to do bonus damage to enemies and turn the tide of battle to his favour.

The full list of available characters from now until 21:00 GMT / 22:00 CET on 21st January are:

Type Character
Vanguard Garland Cloud of Darkness Cloud Sephiroth
Assassin Squall Zidane Jecht Noctis
Marksman Kefka Ultimecia Shantotto Ace
Specialist Onion Knight Bartz Ramza

For full details on the Open Beta, please visit:

Watch the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Open Beta Trailer here:

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT will be available for the PlayStation 4 system on 30th January 2018.

The Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be available through the SQUARE ENIX online store and select retailers, and includes a Warrior of Light bust figure 15-track soundtrack, an 84-page artbook, special FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME cards and a season pass giving players access to six new playable characters and content post-launch. Fans who purchase the Ultimate Collector’s Edition through the SQUARE ENIX online store will also receive additional digital bonus items and DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT thumb grips.

Written by: Tom


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