RIFT Prime Service Coming to RIFT, Giving Players a New Way to Play

Trion Worlds is excited to offer players an all-new way to experience RIFT! Launching this spring, the RIFT Prime service was born of discussions with our players about desirable new types of servers, and the gaming community as a whole focusing on business models within MMOs and the games industry, and presents RIFT players with a new model in which to see what the game has to offer.

The main goal behind the service is to offer players a sought after alternative way to play the game, utilizing an all-new fresh start server featuring a heavily requested subscription model with progressively unlocked content. It will also include a cosmetic-only store with no lockboxes, allowing for current store-based items to be obtained through gameplay.

Players who subscribe to the new service will have access to a huge amount of content, with dozens of existing in-game updates and content available to them for only the cost of their subscription. Explore full continents and expansions that have been created and released over RIFT’s rich history!

In addition to these revisions, RIFT Prime will offer sequential progression through in-game content, including monthly milestones and achievement rewards.

RIFT Prime will be available this spring, and more details, including subscription pricing and release date, will be revealed soon. Additionally, there will be more announcements and content arriving in RIFT in the coming year, so stay tuned!

Written by: Tom


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