Backlog Critic Becomes Contributor on OpenCritic

One of our first goals for becoming a sucessfull review site was to become a contributor on – and today I am happy to announce that you will be able to find our reviews on there.

For those who aren’t familiar with the website, OpenCritic is a review aggregator site that collections the scores of a selection of websites and compiles them to give an average score to a game. The benefit we see from the site is how it outlines games which are relevant to the gaming community. They only show games that have had reviews from other sites, thus only showing games which people are interested in hearing about.

These scores are then collated together and give a game an overall score from the averages using their MIGHTY MAN score system.

Over the course of 2017, we found that an average week has around 9 to 11 games releases that would classify as worthwhile talking points. We all know about the joys of Steam Direct and how the front page of Steam is filled with garbage, so we aren’t going to cover that shovelware. Our readers only want to hear about games that are worth their time.

As someone who religiously uses OpenCritic to find out about past games, and new games, I am extremely excited at the prospect of working our way up the ladder on OpenCritic to become a respected publication that aims to let readers know whether games they are thinking about buying are worth it, or if a game in their backlog is worth playing.

If you haven’t got an account on OpenCritic I would highly suggest you do, and start marking sites that you trust to get your personalised review scores from.

Written by: Tom Olson


We all have one, and we are all ashamed of it. Backlog Critic will tell let you know which of games from your pile of shame are worth playing.

All of our reviews can be found on OpenCritic.





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