Masthead Studios’ Soul Grabber Launches on PC Today, Monday January 29

Mixing the classic beat-em-up formula with dungeon crawling and exploration

For nostalgic arcade smashers and dungeon adventurers, indie Masthead Studios is launching their beat’em up Soul Grabber on PC today. The game is available on the Steam store for $1.99 under the Early Access program.

Soul Grabber mixes the quintessential button hitter formula with randomized dungeon crawling and exploration. Play the role of an archeologist who is trapped in a devastated universe and possess the body of your skillful enemies – deadly beasts, fearsome demons and many other gruesome creatures– to find the way to break the spell.

“With Soul Grabber we are twisting the classic beat’em genre by featuring the body-swap skill which will give you the power to fight as if you were one of the bad guys” says Orlin Dutskinov,   Creative Producer at Masthead Studios. “The current game is a neat game, but it will evolve into a longer and deeper adventure as the project gets closer to it’s full release”.

Soul Grabber contains dozens of distinct enemies which bodies can be possessed by your character. Explore 3 demonized areas and conquer the netherworld by defeating terrifying bosses in your attempt to escape from destiny. Build your own roadmap as you progress randomly generated dungeons.


  • Beat’em up action packed gameplay
  • Dozens of enemies with different abilities to kill and possess their bodies
  • 3 big worlds to explore and conquer
  • Countless dungeon levels
  • Boss fights
  • Build your own story as you progress

Written by: Tom Olson


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