Why Microsoft Buying Valve Would Make Perfect Sense

It’s been speculated recently that Microsoft are considering making an attempt to buy EA, PUBG Corp, and PC Gaming giant, Valve. Whilst it seems highly unlikely at this stage, the thought of the tech giant buying Valve may very well take PC Gaming to the next level.

Microsoft have been pushing for years to get people on Windows 10. No matter what you think, you will eventually end up on that system. You are probably on it now. However Microsoft have not had much success with it’s Windows Store built into Windows 10. We’ve seen games launch exclusively on that store front that just haven’t sold well, the likes of Quantum Break, Gears of War 5, and the latest Dead Rising all come to mind. Two of these games eventually made their way onto Steam and saw better purchase rates. The simple reason is the Windows store just doesn’t function anywhere near as nicely as Steam.

It’s pretty clear Microsoft want a monopoly on what is going on within their operating system, and with them wanting to move away from the .exe style of programs, more and more developers will be forced to sell their game through the Windows store. But what would make perfect sense for Microsoft, is to integrate Steam into the base operating system of Windows 10.

Valve aren’t really in the business for making single player experiences like they have done in the past, with sequels to Half Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead never seeing the light of day. Valve are a money making machine with the combination of Steam, DOTA, and CS:GO. Similar to Nintendo, Valve could quite easily put their feet up for the next 10 years and do nothing, and still have a mountain of money behind them.

It’s very unlikely that Valve would even consider selling, but money talks, and there is almost no one who can come close to the amount of money Microsoft have to spend. If it means they get a cut of all the money people spend on Steam, then they’ll make that money back in no time. It sounds like an absolute no brainer to have Steam part of Windows 10 as the default store. Steam has already started selling Applications, programs, and films, the same in which the Windows store; but it just works properly. The built in community features, the store front, the market place, everything just works, connected as one.

Microsoft have a vested interest in Valve/Steam. Gamers play on Windows and Microsoft products. We’ve seen Microsoft make massive steps to change the industry recently with the game pass movement, and backwards compatibility, so they are making all the right noises to say they actually care about the gaming industry. So to me it would make perfect sense for them to buy Valve. Whether Gabe wants to sell up, that’s another story.

Written by: Tom Olson

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