PUBG Versions on PlayerAuctions: Wipe for PC, Update for Xbox One, and Release for PS4

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will have widespread bans on the PC, as well as receive an update for the Xbox One and the release date for the PS4.

One Big Wipe

Bluehole will launch a massive ban wave for PC servers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) after managing to crack down on at least 100,000 cheaters. The development team discovered a pattern the cheaters have been exploiting to cheat on the game.

Any players that are caught in this wave will be permanently banned from the game.

Just Another Xbox One Update

Meanwhile, the Xbox One version of the game just received an update. According to Bluehole, the update includes “some additional performance and gameplay improvements, as well as a new controller option.” The update has been the fifth update the game has received, and it will need a lot more before the game can get out of its early access phase. Despite the game being considered as unfinished, it has over 3 million players on the console.

PUBG On PS4: Closer but Still Far

Finally, the release date for the PS4 has received an update. There is still no exact date yet, but Chang Hang Kim, CEO of PUBG developer PUBG Corp, said that the game would eventually be available on every platform. However, because the game is currently an Xbox One exclusive, players will have to wait until the Xbox One version nears completion.

Written by: Tom


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