CD Projekt Red Confirmed to Attend E3 2018

No, we dont know why.

Polish game studio CD Projekt Red is confirmed to be participating in this year’s Electronics and Entertainment Expo (E3). Though the confirmation couldn’t be more hushed.

Reddit user bronzin54 made the initial discovery when they noticed that the studio’s logo is part of the Participating Companies ticker on the E3 website. This left fans to speculate what the studio has planned for the event. E3 is arguably the biggest event in gaming, where all of the biggest organizations save their best announcements for.  The fantasy RPG series, The Witcher, is what the studio is best known for. and to a lesser extent, their card game spin-off, GWENT. So it would make sense to hear something relating to that.

If the recent resurgence of the Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account is any indicator, this might mean more information on the long-awaited cyberpunk RPG currently being developed by CD Projekt Red. It would make sense, considering how highly anticipated the title is. This would be a perfect time.

Or, it could be nothing. CD Projekt Red is an established enough company that their presence at the event could purely be a formality. They could be there for small-scale appointments and mild update announcement. Or worse, they could be there solely for business reasons.

With their reasons for attending remaining unknown, we know that they’ll be there. Feel free to make whatever speculations you most prefer.

Written by: Branden Lizardi


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