Scrolls to Shut Down Servers Soon

Yes, the Mojang game.

Unfortunate news falls on Mojang’s lesser-known title, Scrolls. Lead game designer Måns Olson announced on Tuesday that the official Scrolls servers are shutting down soon, and a number of community events have been scheduled to send it off.

The announcement was made in the Server News section of the game’s website. Olson states that the official game servers will shut down on Tuesday, February 13. To lead this up, Mojang will be hosting a “Play with the Devs” day on February 9, and a community tournament on February 11. He also made note that they are looking into allowing community hosted servers soon.

Scrolls lasted far longer than originally anticipated. Mojang only could guarantee dedicated servers until July of 2016. The game having lasted nearly a year and a half longer is impressive, to say the least. But nothing lasts forever, including this. Once the 13th hits, the game servers will be inaccessible, and the game client will not properly function.

There is still time for a final “Hurrah,” however. The first of 2 opportunities to see the game out with honor is to play with Mojang themselves. On Friday, February 9, around 3:00 PM CET, a number of Mojang employees will log in for a few hours to play with the community. Which specific employees were unsaid, but they did state that “a few newer employees will be playing their first ever matches!”

Furthermore, Mojang is hosting a community tournament a few days later, on the 11th. Starting at 5:00 PM CET, Olsen pointed to the Scrolls Subreddit post for more details.

Lastly, Olsen made the following statement in regards to community hosted servers.

“We’ve made some progress towards being able to release the server software to the public, together with a slightly modified client that is able to connect to such servers. While we are still unable to guarantee this will happen or set a date, we have high hopes that we’ll be able to do this in the next few weeks or months.”

Olsen continued to state that while the software will not be open source, the game database will be fully editable. This would allow the ability to tweak and create cards, to a degree.

Scrolls never made a splash in the gaming world. It made the most fame from the Bethesda Lawsuit in 2012. Even so, I’m sorry to see it’s final passing. Soon it will be too late to play this game from your backlog.

Written by: Branden Lizardi


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