Meet The 7 Far Cry 5 NPCs Who Fight Beside You

Each more of a weirdo than the last, except for Boomer.

A common idea with the Far Cry games is that one man takes on an army. Far Cry 5 has this one man fighting against a powerful religious group in the rural fields of Montana. Except for this time, he’s not alone. Meet the Far Cry 5 NPC companions.

Ubisoft released a new trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter showing off some of the various NPCs that join sides in the protagonist’s efforts. Ranging from explosives addicts straight out of Idiocracy to composed combat vets fighting for hope, they all have a reason to fight for the resistance. Did I mention one of them is a dog?

Let’s meet them.

First up is Nick Rye. He is a somewhat educated fellow with an airplane and a problem with the church. With a currently pregnant wife, he doesn’t want his child growing up in a world where they’re in power. He provides the player with air support, dropping bombs and firing his mini-gun from the skies and onto your enemies.

Next is Jess Black. A quiet hunter, she has become an apex predator. She is lethal with a bow, and she’ll always see you before you see her. The local animals even acknowledge her prowess and will leave her alone.

Hurk Drubman, Jr. is seen next. He is essentially if Jackass could use explosives. Dumb and dangerous, his explosives are effective at destroying vehicles. His heat-seeking rockets will make short work of any enemy airships, as well. He worships the Monkey King too if that tells you anything.

Another pilot is next, she calls herself Adelaide Drubman. The player can call upon this middle-aged real estate agent to deliver a helicopter. Or if you prefer, she can use her longer-lasting twin .50 caliber Browning M2 machine guns to dispatch whatever problem you’re currently facing.

Next we have Sharky. Born as Victor Boshaw, he is a man with a plan, assuming your plan is made of fire. This pyrotechnic will rain down fire upon his enemies using incendiary rounds and a flamethrower. A man of constitution, he is resistant to explosions.

Grace Armstrong appears next. Previously, she fought as a sniper in the U.S. Army. Now she recognizes the suppression tactics the church uses from what she saw in Afghanistan and wants to use her incredible sharpshooting skills to fight back. Deadly at any range, her kills will strike fear into the heart of the enemies.

Finally, and most excitedly, is Boomer. A “good boy,” Boomer is a happy dog with a sad past. Previously a herding dog, the church killed his family. Now he wants revenge. Boomer will attack enemies, pinpoint their locations to you, and even steal their guns and bring them to you at times.

So far, everyone’s favorite helper is Boomer. While I’d love to have a lovely pupper friend to fight with me, I’d be too heartbroken when he gets hurt. Stay home, good boy. You can read about what we would love to see in the game here.

Top 5 Things I Want to See in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 releases March 27, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Written by: Branden Lizardi


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