TinyBuild Announces 6 Games for Switch you Can’t Miss

You might not recognize the name “TinyBuild” at first glance, but odds are you’ll recognize their products. The game publisher is host to a number of popular indie games. In an announcement earlier today, they revealed that 6 of their best games are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The Final Station

This game drops the player into a post-apocalyptic world, scavaging for items and fighting to survive. Developed by Do my Best, expect to see this title in the eShop this month for $14.99 (including DLC).


Arguably the most well-known title in today’s announcement, Cluckstertruck is a game of “the floor is lava” where the only (relatively) safe spots are on top of the numerous trucks rampaging along the environment. Developed by Land Fall, expect this title in March for $14.99

Punch Club

A game with a small spotlight upon its first release. This is like the sims, if you’re only concern was punching things. Train up, fight people, train up again. Grind towards gains with this silly simulation game. Developed by Lazy Bear Games, expect this title come May for $14.99 (including DLC)

Party Hard

Loud neighbors blasting music at 3 AM can be annoying. Maybe you’ve had enough. Crash parties in a bad way, by killing and destroying as much as you can in this retro indie hitman style game. Developed by Pinokl, expect this title this summer for $14.99

Streets of Rouge

What happens when you cross-breed GTA with Deus Ex? Throw in a procedurally generated world, and you have Streets of Rouge. Sneak, fight, and hack your way through this over the top rouge-sim. Developed by Matt Dobrowski, expect this title “later this year” for… surprise, $14.99.

Hello Neighbor

The big-ticket item. You’ve just moved into a new home, and your neighbor is acting odd. sneak around his ridiculously constructed home to figure out whats hiding in his basement in this stealth horror game. Developed by Dynamic Pixels, expect this title “this year” digitally and on shelves for a total $39.99.

Personally, I’m the most excited for Clustertruck. It’s a wacky game great for laughing with friends.

Written by: Branden Lizardi


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