Marina and Pearl Amiibos Announced for Later This Year

Don’t get cooked, stay off the hook!

Nintendo has a habit of creating Amiibos out of what’s popular (and sometimes not that popular). Which is why I’m surprised it took this long for them to create Amiibos for the most popular characters in one of their unsurprisingly successful IPs. Marina and Pearl, the loveable hosts of Splatoon 2, will be getting their own Amiibos.

The announcement came to us at the conclusion of Splatoon 2 Koshien 2018, a Japanese tournament of the popular Nintendo shooter. Alongside the Marina and Pearl Amiibos, Nintendo also announced a new upcoming map, Goby Arena.

The Marina and Pearl Amiibos pack is due to release “later this year” as a two-pack price of $24.99. No word yet as to what features the Amiibos will unlock in-game. If it’s anything like the Callie/Marie Amiibos, then it will unlock certain gear for the player.

To further celebrate the tournament’s completion is the reveal of a new map. Goby Arena is a basketball-themed stage “coming soon” to the game’s regular rotation. We see a few of screenshots of the map on the Nintendo VS Twitter.

Marina and Pearl first appeared in Splatoon 2 as the pop star hosts of Off the Hook, an in-game TV show. Even before release, they quickly became fan favorites for their creative style and unique personalities.

Written by: Branden Lizardi


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