The Dragon Ball FighterZ Player Base is Dying Fast

The Dragon Ball FighterZ player base isn’t what it used to be.

Records were broken with the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ two weeks ago. Now the game is pulling a fraction of what it used to be. Is this the common course of a game’s life, or is this something to be worried about?

According to SteamCharts, the popular fighting game managed a max peak of 44,234 concurrent players on Steam. This beats out Tekken 7 for most concurrent players in a fighting game, which was held at around 18,700 players. It makes sense, considering the amount of hype and marketing that took place before the game’s release.

SteamCharts, concurrent players since release

SteamCharts, concurrent players since release

In the last 24 hours, the highest concurrent player count reached a modest 7,479 players. This is 15% of its record. For comparison, it took Tekken over 2 months to have this same degree of loss. It’s too soon to tell exactly what this means for the game, but past games to have taken such a steep decline so quickly haven’t fared as well.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will headline at EVO 2018. This is the biggest fighting game convention of the year, and will no doubt help bring those numbers back up. Even more so, considering the game’s producer plans to enter the tournament.

There are always dedicated fighting game players that keep the community alive, especially for something as popular as Dragon Ball. Numbers don’t lie, though. As for what these numbers will add up to, that will be revealed in time.

Written by: Branden Lizardi


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