BIOMUTANT Hands on at PC Gamer Weekender 2018

Having been revealed back at Gamescom 2017, things have been a bit quiet on the news front for BIOMUTANT, but seeing the game at the PC Gamer Weekender was quite possibly the highlight of the show.

BIOMUTANT is a post-apocalyptic universe where the main protagonist is a humanoid animal creature. From the demo you’d believe it was a linear gameplay flow, but the news out of the game gives it more of an open-world RPG style.


From playing and watching BIOMUTANT, it’s clear that this game has a huge amount of polish, that can quite easily propel it to being one of 2018’s Game of the Year. You start the game with an in depth character creation screen, where you customize how your furry beast looks, to selecting what sort of build and stats you want to start off with. There was a huge amount of numbers on these screens, and depending on how in depth the RPG mechanics are throughout the rest of the game, we could have a very deep RPG on our hands.

The game play is fresh, fluid and fun. A hack and slash combat system that allows you to swap quite freely between using a melee weapon, and a range weapon. I was really pleased to see how easy it was to combo different attacks together, and maneuver around enemies. Bigger foes give you the option of scaling up their backs, or under their legs, where as smaller foes you’ll be vaulting over them to get the advantage over them.


There is a small amount of platforming required to proceed through levels, but nothing that seems like it will become too tedious, as there is nothing worse than third person platforming as we saw from games such as Quantum Break, and Darksiders

BIOMUTANT certainly looks stunning too. Colorful, vibrant environments are shown right from the start, as well as the atmospheric darker areas too. The character models are also extremely well represented, and you can see some essence of realism in their models.


Depending on how far the rest of the game goes with the RPG mechanics, and how the developers move forward with the open world, whether we’ll see a more exploration friendly style of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or icon heavy Assassin’s Creed style open worlds.

This was easily my favorite game from the PC Gamer Weekender, it has a huge amount of polish already in place, and a team of experienced developers behind the project, I have every faith that this will lead to a brilliant title. Hopefully we’ll get an official release date soon, so we can all mark out calendars!

Written by: Tom Olson


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