Extinction Hands on at PC Gamer Weekender

I had the chance to play Extinction at PC Gamer Weekender, and all I felt was impressed. Having seen the trailer just before E3 last year, I knew I was going to like this game. A high action, fast paced game with a deep story was right up my ally.

You start out in a town under attack by ogre like creatures, and you must defend the citizens, and teleport them to safety. This may seem pretty mundane and basic to start off with, but once you beat the first level, the introduction of monsters standing 150 feet tall are introduced, and then you have some real meat on your hands.


The combat is extremely tight and polished. Hacking and slashing never felt so satisfying on the mere ogres you start out against, and moving onto the giant creatures things take a drastic turn into a really impressive mini boss fight stage. You simply can’t just run up to these monsters and tickle their ankles with your sword, no you must violently dismember their limbs from their bodies, and then scale their helpless body and slice off their head. Oh boy it’s so satisfying.


The way in which you take out limbs from the game play we saw, was to simply build up your super ability points from taking out the smaller grunts, and then slice off pieces of amour from the giant, after you’ve worn away the armor, you can then move onto literally slicing the giant’s legs off. You better take cover though, as when that giant falls, it’ll go with a humongous bang and send you flying.


Moving around the maps feel absolutely wonderful too. Wall climbing at it’s finest, putting the likes of Assassin’s Creed to shame. Being able to scale giant towers, and then jump off into hoards of enemies feels so satisfying.

From what I played, there looks to be a pretty hefty single player story mode, with a good choice of player progression through leveling up your character. Extinction may not be a huge sprawling open world game with hundreds of hours worth of content, but it seems like it will have a good role in an action packed arcade style hack and slash title.

Written by: Tom Olson


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