Warhorse Studios Release 1.3 Patch for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance suffered from a messy launch riddled with bugs and performance issues on February 13. Soon after they released a few small patches to squash the most pressing bugs that interfered with the completion of the main quest. They have been since working on a large patch to address most of the remaining bugs and a general fix for performance issues such as framerate oscillations and longer than usual loading times. This patch is now out on Steam, but will take longer to hit consoles due to certification. The patch includes over 300 other fixes in various quests apart from optimisations in the save system and general performance. The skills Lockpicking and Pickpocketing have also been optimised.

Our review of the game has been in progress since the release and we have also provided some commentary on the game’s reception. I decided to wait for the 1.3 patch before wrapping up the review as I explored the open world and its systems by honing skills and observing side content while mostly neglecting the main quest, which is usually how I approach open world RPGs anyway. While this may seem an indulgent act of good will, I’ve found that this puts me in a position to offer more thorough and specific criticism of it.

Written by: Richard Costa

Ape meets keyboard. Hack for hire, recovering academic, poor man’s polymath, and RPG enthusiast who started gaming on MSX in the late 80s, then witnessed the glorious 90s on PC. Probably would eat your flesh in a survival situation.


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