New Hearthstone Expansion Announced

We are a few months on from the last Hearthstone expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, which saw the addition of a brand new solo mode, along with over 120 new cards. Today Blizzard have announced the next expansion for the multi-million dollar franchise, Hearthstone. The Witchwood will ear mark the next year of standard in Hearthstone

The city of Gilneas once lived in uneasy peace with the sprawling, ancient forest that looms beyond its walls. Though the wilderness was grim and forbidding, the citizens of Gilneas—being no ordinary folks—roved and hunted there without fear.

That was before a darkness began to fester in the heart of the forest. . . . Before the curse of The Witchwood!

A sunless gloom now cloaks winding trails, and gnarled branches claw hungrily at passersby. Terrified travelers speak of misshapen shadows flickering in an unearthly mist. In the witching hours, eerie figures have even been seen to stalk the narrow alleys and foggy, cobble-stoned streets of the city itself.

Foolhardy travelers who dare venture beyond the city walls after nightfall disappear into the wilderness, never to return. The Witchwood is safe for none to tread!

The new expansion boasts 135 new cards, and with that a new ability; Odd Occurences.

The Witchwood’s growing influence drives even the redoubtable citizens of Gilneas to fearful flights of fancy. Uneasy townsfolk share bizarre stories of black cats with knowing eyes, and giant moths that peer into windows during the dead of night. Stranger still, they all seem to share the same horrid dream, night after night: a feeling of unspeakable dread as they watch huge, spectral fangs devour the moon.

From the cards that have been revealed thus far, Odd Occurrences appear to be effects that trigger when your deck meets certain criteria. With their abilities triggering immediately, it could prove to be a really nice addition to the standard meta which has seen multiple changes over the past few weeks.

The Witchwood

The Witchwood

Another new mechanic, Echo will also make it’s debut. You can keep playing the same card over and over again on the same turn, along as you have the mana to pay for it.

The Witchwood

Two more cards were revealed to have in hand effects.

The Witchwood

Each turn they are in your hand, these cards swap their attack and health. Spring them on an opponent when their form best matches your desired function.

A new form of charge also has been revealed; Rush. Rather than more game winning cards like Leroy, Rush allows you to only attack minions the turn it was played, and not face. This looks to be a good addition that might slow down the agro meta.

And finally, The Witchwood will also include a single player mode. Much like we had the Dungeon Run in Kobolds and Catacombs, players will defeat bosses, collect rewards and build a deck as they get deeper into the Witchwood. This looks to be predefined heroes you play as though so we will get some variety.

If you already know you are going to pick up this new expansion because you are so far down the Hearthstone rabbit hole, you can pick up the 50 card pack bundle, which includes the new In a Dark Wood card back, and 20 additional The Witchwood card packs.

The Witchwood

More cards are set to be announced starting March 26th, and the expansion is set to be released mid April!

Don’t forget to check out the new trailer below!

Written by: Tom Olson

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