Chucklefish Partners with Robotality to Publish Pathway

Pathway has that Indiana Jones Feel

Chucklefish, the London based studio/publisher best known for Stardew Valley and Starbound, has announced a new partnership with Robotality in order to distribute their most recent game Pathway.

Pathway is a turn-based strategy RPG that mixes together 2D and 3D art concepts. Players can enjoy that classic pixel art look while still taking advantage of advanced lighting techniques seen in modern games. The adventure campaigns in the game are dynamically generated. With branching choices throughout, you won’t play the same game twice.

THE YEAR IS 1936 …
It is a time of global unrest as German military influence is spreading throughout Europe and the Middle East. Rumors of frantic excavations and strange artifacts, not to mention ghastly occult rituals, have begun to surface across secret communication channels.

Morten has vanished. The Nazis took him because he interfered with their occult research. We have to rescue him before it’s too late. And afterwards, who knows what other adventures await?

Following the same naming convention, Robotality previously developed Halfway, a futuristic RPG in 2014. One might consider Pathway to be a spiritual successor to Halfway, with the devs having grown wiser from their experience.


To learn more about Pathway, you can visit Robotality’s twitter, their development blog, or the game’s website. The game page is already up on Steam, with a release date of “2018.” Stay tuned for more details.

Never played a game by Chucklefish? A number of their games are on the Humble Store, all priced under $15. Personally, Starbound is my favorite.


Written by: Branden Lizardi


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