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Marooners Review

At a time when it feels like Mario really does have the monopoly on group party games, M2H offer a brilliant little game which will undoubtedly have you scheming and laughing as you try and outdo your friends. It’s colorful and vibrant locations provide an interesting backdrop to the sheer carnage that ensues once the hooter sounds.


Why You Should Play Furi From Your Backlog

Furi is a great title to have if you are looking for a serious challenge, and you loved games such as Titan Souls, and Dark Souls with the soul-crushing difficulty levels. The game’s high production values show on gorgeous visuals and one of the best soundtracks to ever feature in a video game.


Why You Should Play Dark Souls 3 From Your Backlog

Those who enjoy the test of increasingly difficult combat systems, a slow and methodical approach to progression and who don’t get frustrated easily will certainly have already played Dark Souls 3 by now, but if it’s sitting in your library and you have always wondered “Am I good enough?” Then the answer is almost certainly “No, you are not you absolute scrub” but you should still boot up Dark Souls 3 for an epic experience you cannot get anywhere else.


Why You Should Play Final Fantasy XIII From Your Backlog

I am well aware that XIII is not the norm for Final Fantasy, the open world aspect of it lacked, and the story was a little too complex for most, but I enjoyed my time with it, and if this is one of the worst Final Fantasy games as it has so widely been pointed out as, then things are only going to get better as I explore the series


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