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Marie’s Room Review

Marie’s Room is an interesting story exploration experience; it is free and only takes about one hour to finish. You play as Kelsey whose job is to collect an old journal from her friend’s house. Upon entering Marie’s long abandoned room and touching the diary, time turns 20 years back and the memory trip begins.


The Council Episode 2: Hide and Seek Review

Despite it skipping over the cliffhanger ending that the first episode set up, the second episode of The Council does a great job of building on the story. While shorter than the previous episode, the brilliantly designed puzzles and development of the mystery makes it an easy recommendation.


Monster Prom Review

The visual novel genre often tends to cater to two disparate extremes — the serious, gripping tales and the more sex-focused experiences — so it’s always a relief to find one that occupies more neutral territory. Monster Prom is silly and weird, but that’s part of the fun. Suspend your disbelief, put aside your morality and take a demon to prom — it’s all in good fun.


The Thin Silence Review

The Thin Silence is a thoughtful side scrolling puzzle platformer. Coupled with a murky atmosphere and an ambient soundtrack, Ezra must undergo a deadly journey of self discovery and doubt. Not all the mechanics of it work, but it will stick with you after playing it.


Orwell: Ignorance is Strength Review

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength is the next season for the well-known “Big-Brother” simulator. Joining the Orwell program as a new agent you’re tasked with various different cases to solve and put together. If you’re into games with immersive gameplay, and bring out a great story, this is the title for you.


My Lovely Daughter Review

My Lovely Daughter left me a miserable mess by the time I finished my first playthrough, and it’s exactly what I loved from the game. Not many games take the risk of potentially disturbing their audience for the sake of telling a narrative they feel necessary, and the simple but enjoyable gameplay means that there is fun to be had in the midst of a horrifyingly compelling story.


The Council Review

The Council is a game with plenty of issues. But if you can look past them, you’ll find one hell of an intriguing story that will leave you wanting more and to discover more mysteries,


Why You Should Play Observer From Your Backlog

>observer_ is an atmospheric stroll through a bizarre cyberpunk world, Blade Runner fans will find much to like here. Gameplay is light on mechanics, but the world is interesting enough to keep you playing. Stealth sections are a nice diversion, but too weak on all but one occasion. Being able to enjoy spending time in a world with few interactions will be your deciding factor in appreciating the game.


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