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Marie’s Room Review

Marie’s Room is an interesting story exploration experience; it is free and only takes about one hour to finish. You play as Kelsey whose job is to collect an old journal from her friend’s house. Upon entering Marie’s long abandoned room and touching the diary, time turns 20 years back and the memory trip begins.


Ys Origin Review

Long running JRPG franchise Ys has hit the Xbox platform for the first time in Ys Origin, a fantastic prequel story set 700 years prior to the events of the first Ys. In Ys Origin, players are tasked with ascending a tower full of demons to find the Goddesses of Ys, fighting your way through as one of three characters with distinct playstyles that are all fun and engaging. Ys Origin is a fantastic entry in the franchise for both hardcore fans looking to play through once more or brand new fans who are experiencing Ys for the first time on Xbox.


Shoppe Keep 2 Preview

I had a lot of fun with Shoppe Keep 2. From overpricing everything and slaughtering anyone who refused to pay, to going out and collecting resources of my own. The game improves and builds upon its predecessor in a lot of good ways. Here’s hoping its time in early access shapes it into the wonderfully charming game it has the potential to be.


Dragon’s Crown Pro Review

As a remaster of 2013’s Dragon’s Crown, this release doesn’t offer much to surprise fans of the original. It’s still just as fun, just as grindy, and just as oversexed. If you can look past its embarrassingly provocative female characters and a whole lot of repetition, it still offers a long quest full of exciting set pieces and distinct player classes.


Sacred Stones Review

Sacred Stones accepts what it is. An insanely difficult boss rush game that never holds your hand. If you are looking for a difficult game and enjoy 2D action platformers then you might want to give this game a chance. But despite the games extremely tight controls, Sacred Stones never left me feeling satisfied and the games repetitive nature made me frustrated very quickly.


City of Brass Review

City of Brass is one of the few roguelikes that managed to really pull me in for hours on end. Every time I died, I wanted to come back for more and more, until I eventually got good enough to get to the endgame. Learning every enemy type and the best way to avoid or combat them, as well as which items worked best really made the game more pleasurable for me in the long run.


Mars Taken Review

“This is a story about life, love, and fight.” That red flag should have clued me into what level of polish I could be expecting from Mars Taken. The nice screenshots, and my love for Sci-Fi, made me raise my hand in acceptance when this game popped up for review.


Bullet Witch Review

Having never played Bullet Witch when it released over ten years ago, I went in not expecting much, but what I ended up getting was an enjoyable blast from the past with some classic seventh gen gameplay. A lackluster story is made up for with the high action gunplay.


Attack on Titan 2 Review

Attack on Titan 2 is a fun ride through the first two seasons of the anime, allowing you to go on adventures with your favourite characters from the series and feel awesome whilst slaying the huge humanoid Titans. The game, of course, does have flaws which weigh it down but it does stay as a consistently entertaining game throughout.


The Thin Silence Review

The Thin Silence is a thoughtful side scrolling puzzle platformer. Coupled with a murky atmosphere and an ambient soundtrack, Ezra must undergo a deadly journey of self discovery and doubt. Not all the mechanics of it work, but it will stick with you after playing it.


The Adventure Pals Review

The Adventure Pals is a nice platformer with some lite RPG mechanics, that is highly accessible to all levels of gamers. Perfect for the couple that wants to game together, but also a worthwhile five-hour platforming adventure solo too.



It is certainly not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and what it lacks in performance issues, it more than makes up for in production values, and in-depth gameplay that XCOM lovers will be sure to enjoy.


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