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Deep Rock Galactic Review

Deep Rock Galactic takes a stab at a new style of class-based shooter horde mode with a dash of mining. While initially entertaining and fresh, the game can grind down with repetitive missions and objectives.


Hunt Down the Freeman Review

With all the quality free mods available for Half-Life 2, you would be borderline insane to waste a penny on such a broken attempt at a game. Don’t buy it, don’t even steal it – it’s not worth your time.


Why You Should Play DOOM From Your Backlog

DOOM was an absolute treat to play. One of the best FPS games this decade, and I can’t think of a better one to come out since. Fast paced, high action gun play, with stunning graphics, and a bad ass soundtrack make this edition of the classic one of the best.


Subnautica Review

After more than four years in development and a multitude of additions and changes, Subnautica has finally been released, and has easily established itself as the best game of 2018 so far. Full of mystery, wonder, and discovery, all taking place on a fully hand crafted planet, there is no other game that will give you the same experience as Subnautica. This is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and is an easy recommendation for anybody who has ever wanted to explore an alien aquatic environment.


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RT @PlottLock: Survived my flight at the @WorldsAdrift launch event - definitely a game worth checking out but I'd need more time with the…
Smart writing, cute animations, delightful voice acting, and a fun premise, all coupled with co-op centric gameplay…
Devolver Digital and onebitbeyond have once again really knocked it out of the park. For the low retail price, you…