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Subnautica Review

After more than four years in development and a multitude of additions and changes, Subnautica has finally been released, and has easily established itself as the best game of 2018 so far. Full of mystery, wonder, and discovery, all taking place on a fully hand crafted planet, there is no other game that will give you the same experience as Subnautica. This is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and is an easy recommendation for anybody who has ever wanted to explore an alien aquatic environment.


Why You Should Play Call of Duty World at War From Your Backlog

Due to the single player’s length, the price point on this game is quite high at £19,99. I would say that if you plan on getting into the multiplayer side of this game, you should pick it up for that price, however if you are only interested in the single player campaign mode, you would be better off waiting for it to go on sale, unfortunately reduction on COD games are very rare so you need to keep your eyes peeled for the deals!


Why You Should Not Play Space Hulk: Deathwing From Your Backlog

Even though I haven’t had many negatives to say about this game though, I still wouldn’t recommend people pick this game up at full price, $39.99 is a bit steep for a game if you only plan on playing through it once, without any pvp to keep the multiplayer scene alive, If you do have a group of friends which you can bash out a few playthroughs on various difficulties with, then for sure $39.99 is going to get you more than enough content and quality gameplay though.


Why You Should Play Thief From Your Backlog

Saying I didn’t like Thief’s story is an understatement, and had it not been for the extremely fun and compelling gameplay mechanics, I would have put Thief down within an hour of playing. But I was in the mood for a stealth game, and in that aspect, Thief delivered. If you can overlook the lacklustre story and just focus in on the gameplay, then Thief is well worth the ten hours of your time to clear it from your backlog.


Why You Should Play Sniper Elite 4 From Your Backlog

Sniper Elite 4 is the fourth installment of the popular first-person tactical shooter franchise developed by Rebellion. Set for release on February 14, 2017, we once again assume the role of Karl Fairburne, the main character from previous installments. This version is set in Germany, and your mission as part


Prey Review

Way back in 2014, all hopes of a Prey sequel were dashed when work on Prey 2 was canceled by Bethesda. Jump forward to E3 2016 and our hopes rose from the ashes of disappointment when it was announced that Arkane Studios would be working on the Prey reboot. Prey


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