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Strikers Edge Review

Strikers Edge has unique mechanics and varied characters guaranteed to provide hours of competitive entertainment. The best parts of this game are during its multiplayer modes, although the single player AI offer up a decent challenge as well. Unfortunately an empty online community detracts from an overall enjoyable experience.


DRAGON BALL FighterZ Review

DRAGON BALL FighterZ is an enjoyable fighting game that fans of the franchise will enjoy. The flashy presentation and in universe references are probably the best in any Dragon Ball game to date. Unfortunately, issues with online matchmaking and a boring story mode keep it from being a must own fighting title.


Why You Should Play Tekken 7 From Your Backlog

Overall, despite the lackluster amount of content and the underwhelming story mode, the game is still a blast to play with its jaw-dropping visuals and in-depth mechanics. Whether you are already a fan of fighting games, haven’t played a Tekken game before, or you’re just interested in getting into the genre in general, Tekken 7 is definitely worth the play.


Why You Should Play For Honor From Your Backlog

For Honor has made a poor first impression on many gamers. The majority of problems are now fixed, but a lackluster campaign, steep learning curve, and some remaining balance issues keep it from being an easy recommendation for everyone. Nevertheless, if a player is willing to invest some time and patience into learning the deep and complex systems of this game, there is plenty of gloriously violent fun to be had.


Level 99 Axe Rage Review

Level 99 Axe Rage is an homage to the arcade and adventure games of the 80’s and 90’s that clearly has a passionate developer, but the combat itself and environmental hazards leave a player feeling more frustration than fun.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Review

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition rights the wrongs, and comes out on top. Showing the fighting genre that it’s still the king of kings and will be around for much longer. First time buyers get the best deal here with plenty of DLC included. Original adopters to the game may feel cheated, but this re-release may have just saved Street Fighter V from being a complete failure.


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