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Crossing Souls Review

Crossing souls is a retro adventure with exquisite visuals and soundtrack. As much as we loved the art style, the overall gaming experience is somewhat marred by inconsistent difficulty and overly complicated story.


Legendary Gary Review

A game that manages much with a meager budget, Legendary Gary is one part adventure, one part RPG, and one part social scrutiny, mixed with satire. Blend in some strategic combat and you have a game that is as funny as it is poignant.


Trailmakers Review

I had a blast with Trailmakers and its LEGO-like building process, and its even better if played with friends. Barring some bugs that I kept running into, the game ran smooth and was an overall pleasant experience for me.


OPUS: Rocket of Whispers Review

OPUS: Rocket of Whispers looks like a generic story-driven game. The reality is something far more engaging. The game play is diverse enough to maintain freshness, and an absolutely incredible ending justify the somewhat slow followup. This is a game I won’t easily forget.


Why You Should Play The Banner Saga From Your Backlog

The Banner Saga is first and foremost an achievement in fantasy worldbuilding and narrative design. To create a unique and original fantasy setting in an overly saturated genre takes more talent than it seems at first sight. And to populate this setting with richly developed characters who are as memorable as they are interesting takes a small spark of genius.


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