About us

Bought way too many games, library keeps growing bigger and you can’t pick what to play, fear that your backlog is getting too big ?

We’ve all probably been through some sort of sale on games for our chosen platform, whether it be Amazon’s daily deals, Xbox Store, or Steam, we’ve probably all spent some money on games to add to our ever growing backlog of shame. If you are like us, you keep thinking to yourself, one day I’ll actually play these games I’ve managed to amass over years of sales, but never actually get round to doing it. Here at Backlog Critic we will help you ween out the better games from your pile of shame to make sure you spend your time wisely!


We all have one, and we are all ashamed of it. Backlog Critic will tell let you know which of games from your pile of shame are worth playing.

All of our reviews can be found on OpenCritic.





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