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TINY METAL Rolls Out New Skirmish Maps, Backstory, and Unit Balancing

TINY METAL Rolls Out New Skirmish Maps, Backstory, and Unit Balancing
AREA 35, Inc. follows up a successful launch on Nintendo Switch with FREE content update for players AREA 35, Inc. is pleased to make available its latest TINY METAL content update with all-new skirmish maps, fleshed out Metalpedia entries, and unit balancing to put fans back into the thick of battle to command their units to victory. TINY METAL is currently available on Steam, PlayStation®4, and Nintendo Switch™, with today’s updates now available on all platforms. New maps include “Split Fire,” “Sea of Trees,” and “Abandoned Park.” Each map offers its own unique challenges and flash points to keep players on their toes and test their skills. TINY METAL’s in-game lore compendium, the Metalpedia, is also updated with additional information regarding the supreme Hero Units. Finally, various changes have been made to units, buildings, and general campaign difficulty to allow for a more balanced and rewarding gameplay experience. Fans who’ve completed the game and are working through the ...


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