I, Zombie Review

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I, Zombie Review

Many games allow the player to run around as a zombie, infecting humans and amassing a small zombie army. I, Zombie takes this concept of becoming the undead and creates a fun, charming games where the player sneaks around and creates zombie brethren. However, the fun stealth gameplay feels shallow and ends up being far too short for an otherwise enjoyable experience.

I, Zombie is a top-down stealth game split into thirty different levels, with the first twenty being spread across a typical suburban area while the last ten take place in a winter wonderland. The art style of I, Zombie is rather wholesome and cartoonish, feeling more geared towards a younger crowd despite the subject matter. The player must hide and run from any soldiers that they encounter as they get closer to defenseless humans that they can infect and then take over the entire map. Finishing a level gives a 3-star rank depending on how many zombies are left “alive” by the time you beat the level, so careful planning is recommended if you are an addict to high ranks and scores. In order to keep your zombies undead and well, the player can hide away until their minions and their own health are recovered. Planning around when you’ll send your minions out to attack or having them wait around for the right moment is a key component to getting the job done as quickly and effectively.

I, Zombie Review

The gameplay of I, Zombie is fun and engaging — but unfortunately this fun only lasts for a couple of levels. The main reason for this is the fact that there is very little variety in levels, with the only different levels being when you have to chase down a single scientist while the soldiers are superpowered. That isn’t to say I never enjoyed myself, as the first couple of levels set up the game rather well, and I was excited to see how the game advanced as I got further along. Unfortunately, the game never truly hit that point of advancing towards more complex and intricate. Adding on to this lack of variety is the fact that the game is rather short. Certain levels can take as little as half a minute to complete, and the whole game can be completed within around an hour or two. To rectify this, I, Zombie places a big emphasis on the level editor that comes included.

I, Zombie’s level editor allows the audience of the game to create their own levels and share them with the world once they are done. While this is a nice feature to have, as it adds theoretically limitless gameplay and even features every asset in the game for the player to utilize, the problem is the gameplay at its core. As the game already feels rather shallow, adding however many levels personally won’t make the game feel any less repetitive. It’s a shame, as having more enemy variations or obstacles could’ve added much needed replay value to the game.

I, Zombie Review

I, Zombie is a really fun game that is unfortunately bogged down by lack of variety and plenty of repetition. There is certainly fun to be had throughout the thirty levels, and some of the levels in particular left a great impression due to how engaging they were, but those moments of fun don’t make up for the short experience lacking many unique aspects. With a few updates and additions to the game, however, I can definitely see it becoming a game to come back and enjoy every now and then, especially given the ability to create as many levels as your heart desires.

The Good

  • Charming aesthetic and design
  • Simple but entertaining gameplay
  • Level editor

The Bad

  • Lack of variety
  • Very short

Written by: Ed Moreno

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