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Iconoclasts Review

Inconoclasts is a very enjoyable 2D platformer that crafts a unique dystopia for the player to explore, backed up by solid combat, a fun and philosophical story and a lot of cool boss fights.

I must admit that I rarely play indie games, so reviewing a 2D platformer was a breath of fresh air for me to experience.From the very start of the game, our protagonist Robin is awoken by a loud noise. Awake and ready to go, you leave your house to explore the bright, colourful world before you. It’s up to you to find the source of that noise.
Iconoclasts Review

Of course, none of this exploring would be fun should the gameplay be duff. I can assure you it isn’t.Regular movement is smooth, traversing the world is made extra fun by using your trusty wrench (Robin’s a mechanic) to reach the highest ledges at points. You also collect a great array of weapons throughout the game, each of which feel solid and meaty to use. Your weapons are used to kill the multitude of creatures and bosses throughout the game, from the deadly cactus to the hardened mega mech.

On the whole, the gameplay makes Inconoclasts an absolute blast to play.
Not only do you explore and kill stuff, you also solve puzzles in-between. These mainly consist of finding the key that unlocks the padlock that you need open to move on to the next area. They serve as a nice change of pace to the combat.

Iconoclasts Review

As for boss fights, this is where the game really excels. As I mentioned, the gunplay is very solid, and the game mixes the story and it’s boss fights together to make a fantastic template. The fights are done either just as Robin or with a character companion or enemy. My particular favourite involved a moving train, a helicopter and a clever way of using the enemy as your weapon.

The story is very philosophical as it deals with a religion, an army of brainwashed soldiers and how much you would do to help your friends and family. The plot goes along at a steady pace throughout and story plot developments come just at the right time, never leaving you exploring for too long before the next cutscene or boss fight. The humor integrated into the game is similar to Wolfenstein: The New Order, as it pops up in the enemy soldiers dialogue which will at points leave you howling.

Iconoclasts Review

All in all, I very much enjoyed my time with Iconoclasts. It had a great variety is of places to explore, a vast array of weapons and some good player upgrades. It was also helped by an interesting and story, great gameplay and fun, inventive boss fights. Would I recommend this to you? I sure would.

The Good

  • Addictive, Fun Gameplay
  • Great Story
  • Inventive Boss Fights

The Bad

  • Some Boss Fights Can Frustrate

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