Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Review

Street Fighter V didn’t exactly get off to the best of starts when it launched back in spring 2016. With technical issues, a confusing story DLC inclusion and many other niggling issues which left a nasty taste in the mouths of fans that had been waiting with excitement for the next game in the mega franchise. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition released January 16th 2018, and its main aim was to right the wrongs of the original game, and set the record straight

Street Fighter is still king. With the likes of Tekken and Injustice doing well last year, they really needed to step up to the plate and show the fight scene that there is no better series around. Thankfully Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is a complete product that fans of the series will have been waiting for.

Street Fighter Arcade Edition Review

If you skipped the initial launch of Street Fighter V (and who could blame you), then the Arcade Edition will give you access to all 12 characters that were additional DLC from seasons 1 and 2, making the roster a much more health 28 characters, up from 16 of the original game. You’ll see all of the classics return to the roster, along with new entries such as Rashid of the Turbulent Wind. Being quite a virgin to the Street Fighter series, I was thankful that not only does Arcade Edition have a nice length main story mode, but all 28 characters have their own individual story too. With plenty of backstory, and interesting smaller plots to follow with all of the characters, even the single player side of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition comes equipped with ample content. The main story mode takes around five hours to complete, and will give newcomers to fighting games a good introduction to things to come in the multiplayer.

Street Fighter Arcade Edition Review

As I’m more a single player guy anyway, I was very pleased with the amount of story content Arcade Edition has to offer. After the main story I jumped right into the individual stories for each of the characters. Each one will last around an hour each, so you have at least 20+ hours worth of single player story content.

One of the biggest additions to Arcade Edition, is surprisingly, the Arcade mode. A key feature in other fighting games was somehow left out of the original game. The arcade mode allows you to travel across six previous core Street Fighter games and one from the Alpha series. A sweet remix of the classic music that will really hit your nostalgia bone plays before and after each match.

Street Fighter Arcade Edition Review

If you’ve never played a Street Fighter game before, or even a fighting game, then you will be in for a long ride to fully understanding the combos and everything there is to no. I personally am quite a novice at the genre and found even the final bosses in the story mode to be a challenge. The arcade mode was brutal for me, and stepping into online play often left me getting perfected out of the arena.

I love the art style used by this game though. Something about that cartoony look that appeals to me more than the other games in the franchise. It’s definitely the highest production value Street Fighter title out there.

Street Fighter Arcade Edition Review

No matter how good the Arcade Edition though, there’s always going to be that feeling of what could have been had this version been released to begin with. After one of the worst launches of a Street Fighter game ever, and then turning it around with Arcade Edition I have to give credit where it’s due to Capcom.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition rights the wrongs, and comes out on top. Showing the fighting genre that it’s still the king of kings and will be around for much longer. First time buyers get the best deal here with plenty of DLC included. Original adopters to the game may feel cheated, but this re-release may have just saved Street Fighter V from being a complete failure.

Disclaimer: This game was reviewed on PC, using a copy purchased by the reviewer

The Good

  • Double the roster of original game
  • Plenty of content
  • Street Fighter back to its best

The Bad

  • Early adopter will suffer

Written by: Tom Olson

Even though he has a massive backlog of games, he will always somehow find an excuse to play the latest releases. That pile of shame is never going to get any smaller...

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