Why You should Play Far Cry 3 From Your Backlog

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Why You should Play Far Cry 3 From Your Backlog

“Insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over again, and expecting things to change. That is crazy” but fortunately, Far Cry 3 isn’t the same thing over and over again, and I’m not going insane. With the much-anticipated release of the most recent instalment of the Far Cry series coming up, we’re taking some time to look at one of most celebrated prequels. Far Cry 3 holds a prestigious position in the gaming world, not only does it have one of the industries most respected and illustrious villains, but it compliments this with what is, put-simply, a solid and well-built game.

Far Cry 3 Review

Far Cry 3 is set on a mysterious group of tropical islands that are initially the home to a quaint holiday adventure for a group of teens, as things take a turn for the worst you take on the role of Jason Brody, and your job is to save your friends and family members that are being held hostage by a terrorist pirate organisation currently inhabiting certain parts of the island. The game features a massive open world, scattered with ruins and enemy camps, meaning there’s always something to do or explore. Furthermore, the huge open world can be traversed with a huge variety of vehicles: from quad bikes and buggies to jet skis and wingsuits; even getting from objective to objective feels incredible, every method is well built and is thoroughly enjoyable to use. Throughout the huge landmasses and open seas there are enemy camps that can be liberated for the rebels that you have aligned yourself with – let me take this time to mention, that these camps are one of the greatest mechanics the game has to offer. They are all different, and can be completed in any way the player deems necessary: you want to thunder in to a camp unloading copious amounts of ammunition onto the unworthy? Or perhaps, release the wild animal that has been caged in the corner of the camp, and then silently assassinate the stragglers? Then do it, there are no consequences, and you can have as many attempts as you wish, it’s easily one of my favourite features of Far Cry 3. Once you’ve captured the camps, they then unlock side-missions that can be done at any point during your game; they feature assassinations, races and my favourite: Hunts. Every animal in Far Cry 3 has a purpose, and can be killed, harvested and then used in the games simple crafting system. They also feature rare but more-rewarding one-time hunts, including a specific animal within the world, such as the rare Albino Crocodile, even without these missions, hunting is still great fun, you ever tried killing a great white shark with a bow? Give it a go, it’s one hell of a ride.

Far Cry 3 Review

Far Cry 3’s campaign is what won it many of the awards it holds, and for good reason. The characters are well-designed and voiced particularly well, really immersing the player into the mind of Jason. The campaign has multiple well-placed twists and developments, that can often swing the objective in a completely un-expected direction. It’s these very twists and turns in the story that frequently alter the players opinion of the different characters in the story – it’s often quite difficult to tell who your friends are, but one thing is for sure: who your enemies are. Vaas Montenegro is one of the main antagonists in the game, and I cannot express how demented and scary he is, the script for the character is absolutely brilliant, complemented by some seriously good voice acting, he’s just utterly bewildering – Vaas alone is reason enough to play Far Cry 3. As with most of the Far Cry series, the campaign can be picked up, and dropped off wherever and whenever you fancy progressing the storyline, this feature emphasises how much freedom the player has to do anything they want. As the game progresses, so does Jason and you can see the weakling boy you start out as get thrown into a quite adult role; he also advances his skills, anything you achieve in the game grants you XP, and through this you can customise your character to excel in the ways you prefer to play. With the campaign reliant on the players decisions, and a main character that can develop to how the player prefers, Far Cry 3 thoroughly feels like a completely customisable gaming experience.

Far Cry 3 Review

I have set a section aside for the largest part of Far Cry 3, and that’s the combat that’s consistent throughout the game. You begin with a relatively small arsenal of weaponry, but this can be expanded by completing missions and exploring different areas of the map. This weapons also have a huge range of attachments, from different sights to muzzles and etc. A common flaw I often pick up on in many shooters, is how the various weapon attachments can often feel like they’re having very little or no effect on the weapon itself, and I’m happy to say the in Far Cry, it’s the opposite. Every attachment and customisation to the weapons feel like a different weapon, so not only is the player now exploring the world around them, but they also have the huge variety of weapon combinations to play around with too. With regards to the gun-play itself, it’s a solid engine, very little bullet-drop but each gun feels like it’s packing some serious punch, as it should – you can’t kill a bear with a peashooter. Even the campaign is aware of how brilliant the weapons in the game are, and uses them as incentive for the player to push forward through the missions. There are certain missions within Far Cry 3 that craft specific cases of weapon use, whether that be burning fields of marijuana with a flamethrower whilst listening to some seriously hot flame related dubstep, or heeding a calm silence being torn apart by a long-range 50 calibre sniper round, directly to the head of a helicopter pilot. The game knows it’s great, and it’s take advantage of that… which is also great, for us: the player.

In this day and age, from which comes the relentless releases of Call of Duties, Battlefield’s and a huge list of Battle Royale style games, I implore you to take some time to visit Far Cry 3. It’s a visually stunning, enthralling adventure through a cruel and violent paradise, with plenty of additional excellent features thrown in for good measure, and with hope, the new release of Far Cry 5 will be the same, but even if it isn’t: Far Cry 3 will hit the spot that your heart is yearning for. I fully recommend Far Cry 3 to anyone that can justify spending some time in a shooter game, do this and you will be heavily rewarded, so pull it out of your Backlog, and give it a whirl, because games like these don’t come around too often.

The Good

  • Brilliant Gun Play
  • Graphically Impressive
  • Rich and explorable world

Written by: Connor Love-Foster

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