Why You Should Play Resident Evil 0 From Your Backlog

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Why You Should Play Resident Evil 0 From Your Backlog

Resident Evil 0 is one of Capcom’s lesser loved games but it is still a pretty damn good game overall. Serving as a prequel to the original Resident Evil, it has us playing out the events that occurred shortly before Rebecca Chambers wound up in the iconic Spencer Mansion.

It originally launched on the Gamecube way back in 2002 with a remaster bringing it to all platforms in 2016, along with the addition of some new modes such as Wesker Mode which is unlocked upon your first time completing the game and lets you play as the iconic Wesker himself. It’s a fun little mode that in many ways feels like a god mode because of how insanely strong Wesker is in this, as well as negating the need for ammo in place of his special moves that can one shot most enemies.

Resident Evil 0 Review

0 was an attempt by Capcom to shake things up and make the overall game more tense, and this stays pretty much the same for the remake too. I played this game straight after beating 1 for the first time and some of these changes I approved of, most I did not. For example, the removal of item boxes entirely, so now instead of simply heading to the nearest item box and grabbing the item you need, you now have to drop it and head back to said room to pick it up when needed. As you get closer to the end of the game and need certain items to progress, this means a lot of backtracking will happen and soon turns into a laborious chore.

Instead of choosing who to play as and having a unique story for each story, you can switch between Rebecca and Billy on the fly, a necessity for certain fights and puzzles. The main problem here though is that the AI will devour your ammo if they get too close to an enemy and you forgot to tell them to “hold fire” or if you did tell them to then…they tend to die. Ammo is fairly common throughout 0 but nothing is worse than switching to the other character only to find out you have no ammo and dying as a result.

Resident Evil 0 Review

Rebecca’s role as a medic for Bravo Team gives her the unique ability of being able to mix herbs together for greater healing and Billy is the tough guy who is more durable and can move heavy objects. Billy as a character is passable but it’s no surprise that he vanished from the series after the ending, he served his purpose and his story was neatly wrapped up. Rebecca’s the real star here, fighting off a Tyrant single handedly at one point and helping Chris during the mansion incident later on.

The bosses are for the most part a lot of fun, ranging from a huge scorpion you fight on the train to an enormous bat in a church. There’s even a unique enemy that can randomly spawn and persistently chase you around the current room until defeated or evaded. And of course you have your generic zombies who are the most common encounters.

Resident Evil 0 Review

Overall, Resident Evil 0 is a pretty decent game but compared to the remake of 1 that came just before its original release, its lacking due to the aforementioned changes that really only ended up padding the game through all the backtracking. Despite that though, I enjoyed the story for the most part, I liked the bosses and the new enemy types encountered, the puzzles were more varied and the new Wesker and Leech Hunt modes offer more replayability this time round. Compared to the likes of 1-4, its the weaker entry but still a fine entry in the Resident Evil series and definitely worth playing, at least once.

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The Good

  • Creative puzzle + level design
  • Challenging boss fights
  • Randomly spawning unique enemy adds to tension
  • New modes add replayability

The Bad

  • Lots of backtracking
  • Item boxes are gone
  • Average story and characters

Written by: John Rodwell

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