Top 10 Horror Games of All Time

I have been a horror game enthusiast since the original Alone in the Dark came out. The fact that a game could evoke such emotion within me was a powerful force. It was a small step that began a journey to today, and many games have come and gone over

Why Microsoft Buying Valve Would Make Perfect Sense

It’s been speculated recently that Microsoft are considering making an attempt to buy EA, PUBG Corp, and PC Gaming giant, Valve. Whilst it seems highly unlikely at this stage, the thought of the tech giant buying Valve may very well take PC Gaming to the next level. Microsoft have been

Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Newbies

There is such a gargantuan selection of strategy games on the market that it is difficult for new players to know where to begin. Most, if not all gamers have fantasized about being a general of a nation at war, actively solving the issues of supply logistics and terrain features,

The 5 Best RPGs To Buy This Steam Winter Sale

The Winter Sale is here, and what better time to spend a little money on yourself with some games that will last you until next Christmas? Find out the 5 RPG games you should be buying in the Steam Winter Sale! Witcher 3 – $19.99 Potentially the greatest game of

The 6 Best Hand Drawn Games on Steam

We are going to run down the top hand drawn graphical games that are out right now. The hand drawn graphical style has really taken off in recent years, with advancement in technologies that allow artists to move their skill over to the digital platform. Hidden Folk To kick things

The 5 Best Games To Play With Siblings

So today is National Siblings day, and what better way to celebrate than to pick out the best PC games to play with your sibling! Portal 2 Probably the most obvious entry to any co-op game on this list is Portal 2. We’ll go as far to say it is

The Best Walking Simulators on Steam Right Now

Walking simulators is a genre that has sprung up in the last couple of years. The definition of the genre is a video game that lacks many of the traditional aspects of a game, such as a win/loss condition despite taking the form of a video game. It originated from

What Indie Roguelikes Can Learn From Games Like Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a roguelike action-platformer that has been climbing to the top of the Indie Charts recently, up with hits like Stardew Valley and Hollow Knight. It is currently in Early Access on Steam so it’s consistently bearing fruitful updates from its exceptional developer, Motion Twin. All of this sounds fantastic,


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