Sega Announces Mega Drive Mini

  According to a series of tweets from the Twitter account of the RPG Site, Sega has announced the Mega Drive Mini, a classic console revamped in miniature design, much like the Classic NES and SNES that Nintendo has released recently. It will include, just like Nintendo’s classics, the most

A KFC Twitch Emote Unintentionally Enables Racism

Last week was a sponsorship between KFC and Twitch, where viewers could win literally chicken dinners when their streamer won a game of PUBG. The otherwise silly idea fell south when people realized the potentially racist usage of a bucket of chicken emote. Popular Twitch streamer Mychal “Trihex” Jefferson remarked

Is Todd Howard Working on a New Bethesda Game?

A New Bethesda Game, or Just Another Port? If you don’t include the Special Edition and VR remakes, then it’s been a good three years since a new game came from Bethesda Game Studios. A recent interview with the studio’s executive producer, Todd Howard, has left people thinking a new

Game Jam: The Movie, Making a Game in 48 Hours

Seldom do You Hear About a Game Jam Devolver Digital Films, the cinematic branch of the well-known indie publisher, announced the release of “Game Jam: The Movie,” their latest film. Created by Clique API in partnership with Cineforge Media and Game CoLab, the 60-minute feature documentary dives into the fast-paced

Chucklefish Partners with Robotality to Publish Pathway

Pathway has that Indiana Jones Feel Chucklefish, the London based studio/publisher best known for Stardew Valley and Starbound, has announced a new partnership with Robotality in order to distribute their most recent game Pathway. Pathway is a turn-based strategy RPG that mixes together 2D and 3D art concepts. Players can

New Hearthstone Expansion Announced

We are a few months on from the last Hearthstone expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, which saw the addition of a brand new solo mode, along with over 120 new cards. Today Blizzard have announced the next expansion for the multi-million dollar franchise, Hearthstone. The Witchwood will ear mark the next


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