Meet the Critics

Tom Olson
With over 3000 games in his backlog, he figured it was time he started working through some of them, and whilst he was at it, put some words on paper.
Annie Ziesler
She pretty much handles any of the admin leg work behind the scenes, she loves a good zesty Pewdiepie meme review, and you can often find her face first in a stuffed crust pizza pie.

Joanna Litingtun
A lipstick-loving, word-slinging, coffee-guzzling engineer-turned-project-manager moonlighting as probably the angriest editrix on the face of the planet.

Curtis Sternitzky
An adventurer like you, he enjoys fishing, writing, and gaming. He also loves dog. And dog loves sandwich.

Richard Costa
Ape meets keyboard. Hack for hire, recovering academic, poor man’s polymath, and RPG enthusiast who started gaming on MSX in the late 80s, then witnessed the glorious 90s on PC. Probably would eat your flesh in a survival situation.
Kevin Tsai
A compulsive video game hoarder, he spends most of his time scrolling endlessly through his Steam list, lamenting the fact that he has nothing to play. When he’s not playing video games, he is usually petting his cats or rock climbing

M.R. Darling
He is the author of A Blue Horizon, the first book in his apocalyptic Ashrealm series. Watch the Prologue over at the youtubez, or read it the old fashioned way via pulp or pixels through an E-tailer if your choice.
Branden Lizardi
Raised with a controller in hand, this laid back gamer is a hobby developer turned writer. He considers video games the greatest art form, and will talk himself blue about VR if given the chance.

Anna Kozakova
She likes games with a good story and scary atmosphere. She is a gorehound who secretly enjoys romancing unlikely characters. Apart from computer games, she is also very enthusiastic about classic RPGs, especially D&D and Vampire Masquerade.

Jonathan Lightfoot
when he isn’t working through his backlog, this reclusive creature can usually be found trying to write his own fantasy novels. Aside from those two things, he spends most of his time trying to stop his cat from climbing the curtains.

Connor Love-Foster
He is a passionate gamer, and has always enjoyed playing and exploring projects, from large competitive games, to smaller story driven projects. He started his gaming life very young, and has always enjoyed writing guides and reviews for games, no matter they’re popularity
Danny Taylor
If he’s not gaming, he’s writing. If he’s not writing, he’s gaming. It’s a charmed life he leads!

Jonathan Simpson
He’s been called a button addict. Born to play games…and maybe do some other stuff, but mostly play games. While not working on a backlog stretching back over 2 decades he can be found watching and probably talking to himself about cinema.
William Carter
Armed with his trusty Dualshock and a thirst for winning, this seasoned adventurer will play all things PlayStation. When he’s not slaying endless bad guys in the virtual world, you’ll find him either serving up justice on the tennis court, or letting out his inner nerd at the local comic-book shop.

John Rodwell
He loves his RPG games and has been gaming since he was 2-3, That’s some of a bio I guess?

Matthew Brosche
A writer whos love for storytelling and narratives began after spending his childhood playing though point-and-click adventure games with his dad and his brother. He has been a avid fan of video games ever since and has also loved the convergence of interactivity with story lines. He is currently in his senior year at Emory and Henry College Studying English and Creative Writing.

William Charlton
Most of his free time is spent on hobbies like producing music, playing video games, writing, studying impractical skills, helping poor souls on the internet fix their computers. Needless to say, he’s got time to kill that he could certainly stand to use more productively.
Jody Mulhern
he is a wood cutting, kitchen fitting, weight lifting manly man by day, and a secret nerd at night. Often found in front of his PC donning a Jedi bath robe, he enjoys running gaming benchmarks and meticulously counting frames in games he’ll probably never play

Bryan Lawver
He is a sucker for pixel art graphics and has equal fondness for quirky story-driven games and good old-fashioned beat-em-ups. Outside of video games, he also enjoys film, photography, and tabletop RPGs.
Eduardo De Santiago
A gamer since age 4, Eduardo hopes to use his passion of gaming into a career in journalism! He’s also an avid comics reader!

Adam Maddison

David Strickland
He’s a very open-minded person, enjoys all kinds of games! He’s mostly a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise, but what would you find him doing if I’m not playing games? Probably on the couch buried in cats and marathoning Steven Universe for the 100th time.

Aria Velz
After continually stealing her brother’s Game Boy Color to play Mario, her parents decided to punish her by buying her her own Game Boy, dooming her to a life of enthusiasm and fun. Probably listening to musicals while grinding in RPGs and FPSs. Loves sci-fi games, puzzles, and a good moral dilemma.
Nick Quillin
College grad, videographer, writer, long time Playstation fanatic and spends way too much time with RPGs, Action Adventure games, and fighting games


We all have one, and we are all ashamed of it. Backlog Critic will tell let you know which of games from your pile of shame are worth playing.

All of our reviews can be found on OpenCritic.





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