Samsara Review

Samsara is a short, artful romp through a mystical and strange world. Full of fun and engaging puzzles, it never comes across as difficult. The price point leaves something to be desired for this passable puzzle title.


Crossing Souls Review

Crossing souls is a retro adventure with exquisite visuals and soundtrack. As much as we loved the art style, the overall gaming experience is somewhat marred by inconsistent difficulty and overly complicated story.


Hyperbolic Ignition Review

A loving-crafted take on the games of old, Hyperbolic Ignition draws inspiration from gaming’s past to create something that’s both sleek and compelling. The shoot-’em-up genre is challenging by its very nature, and this experience is no different. Hyperbolic Ignition will challenge your reflexes and your ability to think on your feet, but endure each battle and you’ll come away stronger for it. This is one you shouldn’t miss.


Algo Bot Review

Algo bot tackles the daunting task of presenting the wide world of programming in an approachable manner. While it may not appeal to the masses, it does its job and does it well. There is quite a bit of enjoyment to be found in this charming edutainment title.


Legendary Gary Review

A game that manages much with a meager budget, Legendary Gary is one part adventure, one part RPG, and one part social scrutiny, mixed with satire. Blend in some strategic combat and you have a game that is as funny as it is poignant.


Pinstripe Review

Despite its impressive sound design and visual flair, Pinstripe doesn’t live up to its potential. It has neither a cohesive tone nor an intriguing plot, and its thin narrative is crudely layered over uninspired mechanics. With no pacing to its story or gameplay, Pinstripe limps along solely on the considerable strength of its presentation.


Marooners Review

At a time when it feels like Mario really does have the monopoly on group party games, M2H offer a brilliant little game which will undoubtedly have you scheming and laughing as you try and outdo your friends. It’s colorful and vibrant locations provide an interesting backdrop to the sheer carnage that ensues once the hooter sounds.


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