Play With Me Review

Play With Me is not an irreparably bad game, but rather an unpolished average game that could use more time to have its bugs squashed and its puzzles improved and refined. An Early Access release might have made more sense, but now the cat is out of the bag.


Why You Should Play The Walking Dead: A New Frontier From Your Backlog

A New Frontier takes bold steps by introducing new characters, while keeping the existing roster within arms length. An epilogue to the previous seasons climax is a welcome addition, however Telltale’s game design is wearing thin. The staple hard moral choices are the least muddy they have ever been. Gore, shooting gallery sections, and cheap shock scenes are overused. Story feels anemic, and is rushed at the end – shoving in resolutions in quick succession just to get them over with. Player agency within the plot feels the weakest it’s ever been, however the interesting new personalities make me hopeful for future seasons.


Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Review

Horizon Zero Dawn is a great action game that tried its hand at roleplaying and came up short. Guerrilla might have achieved the perfect balance between gameplay and story, but its T-rated, immature worldbuilding, one-dimensional characters and barebones roleplaying tip the scales in favour of its unique and finely-tuned modular combat gameplay, which is more than enough to make it a great game in spite of all other shortcomings.


Dawn of War III Review

I really think my nostalgia for the Dawn of War III series didn’t do it any favours. I was expecting something completely different. This game has all the makings of one of the best RTSes to come out in a long time, but there just wasn’t enough of those amazing moments to elevate it to such a height. What we got was a very watered down, basic RTS that, whilst fun, could have been so much more. It might be worth keeping this one in your backlog for a little longer, unless you have a real craving for some 40K action.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review

My Switch hasn’t had a lot of use this year, but Mario + Rabbids kept me coming back for more. Even at full price this title is well worth your time and money. I can really feel a second playthrough coming, and that is a very rare thing for me.


It’s Quiz Time Review

Even with these technical problems, they didn’t stop us having an absolute blast playing It’s Quiz Time. For the price of $19.99 you are getting the equivalent of a Trivial Pursuit with a spicy twist. It does require the additional entry cost of having a smartphone, but who doesn’t have one now anyway. With party season just starting, It’s Quiz Time will be a perfect purchase for entertaining guests or having a few friends round at Christmas


A Hat in Time Review

If you grew up in the 90s, you will most definitely have been exposed to the golden generation of 3D platformers. Crash, Spyro, Mario World 64, the decade was awash with games in this new genre, and they really define most people’s entry into the gaming world. With the prevalence


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