Attack of the Earthlings Review

Squad based tactical games are a common sight in the strategy gaming sphere, but Attack of the Earthlings manages to successfully distinguish itself from the crowd. A short length and some clunkier elements aren’t enough to tarnish the delightfully challenging and satisfying unique tactical scenarios in this title, and gamers who are into games like XCOM should definitely keep an eye on Attack of the Earthlings.


Vesta Review

Although it has a good concept and solid puzzle design, Vesta ends up shooting itself in the foot with a variety of annoyances. The game seems to peak early on, causing the second-half of the game to be a complete slog.


Descenders Review

Despite these small grievances, Descenders is a stellar game with a lot of potential, and as long as the developers give it the love it so deserves, it could indeed be the successor to the Skate series.


Why You Should Play The Banner Saga From Your Backlog

The Banner Saga is first and foremost an achievement in fantasy worldbuilding and narrative design. To create a unique and original fantasy setting in an overly saturated genre takes more talent than it seems at first sight. And to populate this setting with richly developed characters who are as memorable as they are interesting takes a small spark of genius.


Super Army of Tentacles 3: The Search for Army of Tentacles 2: Black GOAT of the Woods Edition Review

Visual novels can be a great medium to really get a unique story out there. For better or worse, Super Army of Tentacles 3 is an experience unlike any other. It does its own thing and enjoys it, often poking fun of its own pretension. If you like Lovecraft and consider yourself well-versed in internet culture, you’ll likely enjoy this a great deal. Otherwise, you may very well struggle to find much to like.


Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition Review

Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition is more than just nostalgia. It adds depth and replay value to a tried-and-true arcade formula. Its pixel art and music shine, pleasing both the player’s visual and auditory senses. It may stay in certain spots longer than it should when it comes to level variety, but that only slightly hampers the game. Fans of the Metal Slug series should feel right at home with Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Review

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition rights the wrongs, and comes out on top. Showing the fighting genre that it’s still the king of kings and will be around for much longer. First time buyers get the best deal here with plenty of DLC included. Original adopters to the game may feel cheated, but this re-release may have just saved Street Fighter V from being a complete failure.


Tangledeep Review

Tangledeep is thoroughly impressive as the product of a lone designer and programmer with a little help from his artist friends for the 2D sprites. It is fun, challenging, gorgeous to look at and engrossing to explore. Even if you are not particularly into roguelikes, you might find yourself charmed by its constant cycle of exploration, looting and character customisation.


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