Review Policy

This page will outline BacklogCritic’s Review Policy to ensure we are clear on what our scores mean, and our ethics when reviewing games.

Backlog Critic uses a 10 point review scale. We rate games from 1-10, with half point intervals.

We do not score a game until a review is written and finalized. We do not write a review with a score in mind for the outcome.

The score you see at the bottom of the page is a logical conclusion of the content of the review beforehand. Some people may not care for review scores, and this is why we have the score at the end of the article.

Backlog Critic aims to help you waste as little time as possible, on games which are just not worth it. Money is, of course, an important factor in the decision of purchasing a game, but we write our reviews that will cover both aspects. Our reviews seek to help you make an informed decision on how to spend your limited time and money. A breakdown of our scores and what they mean are below

10:   Must Plays – not to be confused with “perfect”. No game is perfect.

9:     Fantastic – Can be recommended without question

8:     Very/Pretty Good – can easily be recommended with a couple of caveats in mind

7:     Good – generally good games but they also have some “but” moments.

6:     Above Average – A generally OK score. Anything above a 6 is decent.

5:     Average – an underwhelming game

4:     Below Average

3:     Adequate – barely achieves the baseline function in gameplay, sound, and graphics

2:     Poor – lowest possible score of a game that at least executes and runs

1:     Broken – indicates staff believe the game is unable to properly function.

Review Aggregator

BacklogCritic is now a contributor on review aggregator site, – a website that allows different game review sites to collate all of their reviews for a game in one place. We are proud that our articles are available on OpenCritic for other readers to see.








Backlog Critic strives to be crystal clear with our readers on all of our reviews, thus we provide disclaimers after any review on any subjects which are relevant including:

Review Codes

If Backlog Critic has received a review code from the developer and/or publisher of a game for the purpose of a review, this will be made clear at the start of the review.

Early Access Games

If Backlog Critic reviews a game which is currently in the Steam Early Access program,  this will be made clear at the start of the review.


We all have one, and we are all ashamed of it. Backlog Critic will tell let you know which of games from your pile of shame are worth playing.

All of our reviews can be found on OpenCritic.





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