Top 5 Things I Want to See in Far Cry 5

The Far Cry series has seen dramatic shifts in gameplay design and tone, ranging from a goofy linear action shooter, to a desperate struggle for survival, to open world playgrounds with a freedom to experiment and explore at one’s own pace. Far Cry 5 is the hotly anticipated newest game

Top 10 Horror Games of All Time

I have been a horror game enthusiast since the original Alone in the Dark came out. The fact that a game could evoke such emotion within me was a powerful force. It was a small step that began a journey to today, and many games have come and gone over

My Brief, Delightful Time with the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta

On paper, Sea of Thieves sounds like a dream come true. Ever since I sailed the open ocean of Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, I’ve wanted to experience the thrill of crewing a sailing vessel, flying across an open ocean, exploring islands, discovering treasure, and engaging in swashbuckling combat. Many gamers

Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Newbies

There is such a gargantuan selection of strategy games on the market that it is difficult for new players to know where to begin. Most, if not all gamers have fantasized about being a general of a nation at war, actively solving the issues of supply logistics and terrain features,

Is having a huge choice in gaming really a good thing?

In most cases, having a wide selection of options is a really good thing. Got a choice of three really good burger restaurants in town? AWESOME! That creates a healthy competition for the three businesses and eventually you’ll probably try them all out at some point won’t you? But does

How I Tackle My Backlog Anxiety

Many of us have huge libraries of games, whether it be on Steam, or your console of choice, you have more games than you can ever imagine owning when you were younger, but that very collection of games has been given a term of a “backlog” in current gaming culture.


We all have one, and we are all ashamed of it. Backlog Critic will tell let you know which of games from your pile of shame are worth playing.

All of our reviews can be found on OpenCritic.





RT @PlottLock: Survived my flight at the @WorldsAdrift launch event - definitely a game worth checking out but I'd need more time with the…
Smart writing, cute animations, delightful voice acting, and a fun premise, all coupled with co-op centric gameplay… https://t.co/FXVaXMx42o
Devolver Digital and onebitbeyond have once again really knocked it out of the park. For the low retail price, you… https://t.co/qBeR3iECwF